Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WFMW: SparkPeople

So I wasn't planning on focusing on losing weight this year. I have so much on my plate right now(haha, get it) and I'm so busy chasing kids that honestly I have been slowly losing weight ever since I had my 3 month old, just because Two 2 year olds and a three month old use up a lot of energy, and I hardly ever have time to eat. However, My husband texted me tonight and informed me that his workplace (Wal-Mart) is having a charity weight loss competition, and it is an opportunity for him to stay motivated (he's been in a bit more of a rush to start a diet than I have), help out charity, and there is also a cash prize at the end of it for the winner. I'm definatley not going to discourage him! As soon as he said he needed me to start cooking healthier meals for him, I knew where to go!

About two years ago, right after my first daughter was born, I was in a huge rush to start losing weight, and I got an email with a link in it to this wonderful website called SparkPeople. This site has it all, Calorie Trackers, Community Forums, Groups, Motivation, Weight loss tracker, a whole seperate site for recipes, exercises, and more!

And it's all free! That works for me!!! Get a Free Online Diet

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